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The Art Of Scamming – Know the tell tale signs and never part with your hard earned money again!

Posted by on June 8, 2009 at 11:38 am

We frequently hear news of people being scammed in both the real and the virtual world of the internet. Savvy people would have avoided the traps immediately but why are there still victims being scammed over and over again. The common news like “get rich quick schemes”, “magical stones with healing properties”, “huge inheritance schemes that require you to be their middleman”…etc are heard of all the time, but yet there are still victims falling for the same traps over and over again. Is it due to greed? Or is it out of desperation for material needs? The problem seems to lie with ignorance. In reality, we can’t be bothered with such issues until we are hit by them. But again, it will be too late by the time you discovered that you had parted with your hard earned money to some stranger who gave you empty promises. Do yourself a big favor by educating yourself and your loved ones. It is very sad to see old people being scammed of their life savings, don’t ever allow yourself or your kin to end up like them.

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Fruit Juice – The myths, the facts and tips.

Posted by on June 3, 2009 at 3:22 am

“Ouch! Arghh! Finally you heave a sign of relief! However, you felt a sharp pain while you were trying to release your stool. The next thing you noticed, there were tiny traces of reddish substance believed to be blood, that could be seen in the faeces you had excreted. Recalling the food you ate for the day, you couldn’t seem to remember any that provides clues to the existence of  the substance. However, you could feel the burning sensation and acute pain when cleaning yourself. You suspected tears around your anus. Those were the details you gave to your doctor during your visit to the clinic. One of the most common questions normally asked by the doctor would be, “do you consume fruits?” The model answer given by most people would be “yes” since everyone of us know that fruits are healthy and known for their rich anti-oxidants in fighting against deadly diseases such as cancer, preventing cell damage and anti-aging properties. But again some people may think that drinking fruit juice everyday is the same as consuming fruits. This assumption has caused misinformation and many people are confused between facts and myths. Are you one of them? Continue reading "Fruit Juice – The myths, the facts and tips."