The 6 Deadly Career Killers You Should Never Tell Your Boss!

Posted by on October 12, 2009 at 10:46 am

Sometimes it does not pay to be so honest with your boss. Do not misunderstood the meaning here, I am not telling you to go against your policy and start lying to everyone you see on the streets, besides it is wrong to lie in the first place. In most cases, the old adage remains true where total honesty can be deadly to your career. This can be in situations when you have decided to spill the beans to your boss regarding certain instances but it appear totally offensive and aggressive to him or her. Here are 6 deadly career killers you should never tell your boss:

Career Killer #1 – I want your position.

Imagine you are the boss and someone you just employed by the name of Tim said those words to you on the second day. Wouldn’t that put you on guard that you are working with a walking lion waiting ever to devour you? In such cases, Tim most probably won’t be promoted for the next five years or so, or maybe not until you are promoted.

All good bosses certainly appreciate the ambition in their employees, however in reality, no one desires to swim in a tank of piranhas. You may want to be the boss someday, that’s definitely a great goal in mind, but it’s better to be left in private to yourself.

Career Killer #2 – I’m just here temporary till something better comes along my way.

If you say that to your boss even give the slightest impression, chances are your days are numbered. In the first place, something better may in fact never come along. You will be stuck in a job where you will grow to hate and grumble as you have been perceived by others as a disgruntled employee or troublemaker. On the other hand, you may decide you like your job after all. Now you will never move up but only out!

In the realistic society, everyone keep their eyes peel for better opportunities but the most important thing is to let your boss know that you are completely committed to your job.

Career Killer #3 – You are such a horrible jerk!

keepquietIndeed, your boss may be such a person, but if you value your job, you will let someone else lecture him on his or her unacceptable behaviour. If you must speak up, approach your boss in a positive manner with gentle advice.

Never criticize. Try your best to communicate the problem. If it’s a problem, let your anger find a solution and not release and vent the anger. Do yourself a favour by remembering never to attack but by using tactics to resolve the situation.

Career Killer #4 – I am afraid to give it a try.

Are you are terrified of meeting with a client or leading a project for the first time? When you are exposed to new things at the beginning, the fear of uncertainty and failure is present. Discuss strategies with your boss but vent fears with your peers or family. Do your due diligence and dive right in. Trying something new will jumpstart your confidence and give you a better chance of climbing that dreadful corporate ladder.

Career Killer #5 – I will not consider a move, work different hours or take on any new tasks!

Most people are too comfortable within their own comfort zone. The question is, are you uncomfortable with change? Always remember that too much rigidity will keep you in that assistant position till retirement. As much as you dislike working the graveyard shift during a economy crunch or shifting to the other side of the continent, don’t be too vocal about it. A change should be considered a chance for proving your capabilities and opportunity for improvement. Sometimes this chance may never come by, but if it does, remember that those willing to move for a company move in the company.

Career Killer #6 – I am warning you now!

Never ever think of giving your boss an ultimatum! Those words are taboo. If you threaten to quit because of unhappiness, your boss may very well call your bluff. That’s no way to get what you want in mind.

Some of you may be thinking that it’s time to pack up your desk as you have already committed any of the 6 listed deadly career killers. Do not be discouraged as there is still hope if you have decided to make that obvious change in your heart which will usually find you back in your boss’s good graces. You might consider scheduling a conference with your boss to discuss your feelings that you are committed to your job. Bosses love to hear an employee say “Please let me know how I can do an even better job”. Those words are very important for 2 reasons. First if there is a problem, you will be better off knowing it as early as possible so that you may find solutions to rectify the problem. Asking that question also provides your boss the opening to dispense some constructive criticism. Second, approaching your boss in this manner will communicate your willingness to give more than 100% to your job. This may increase your chances of securing that corner office with that huge window overlooking the entire financial sector.

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  1. bbrian017 Says:
    October 13th, 2009 at 1:10 pm

    Great list you compiled here. Sometimes people don’t think before they speak and things you mentioned above do in fact come out. I woudl never say anything like you mentioned here to my boss. I woudl have to be crazy.

    By the way where is your blogengage image? I don’t see one I thought you had one at one point. perhaps I’m wrong..

    Nice read thansk for sharing.


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