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Why Debt Consolidation is so common these days?

Posted by on April 19, 2009 at 8:56 pm

Debt consolidation involves combining all your current debts, such as loans, credit cards and store cards into one new loan, paying off multiple creditors. While your overall loan amount will obviously be higher, your debt will now most likely become tax deductible and your overall monthly expenses will very likely decrease considerably as well.

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Advantages of Credit Score

Posted by on February 27, 2009 at 5:52 am

It is apparent that almost everybody understands that carrying an excellent credit score is beneficial, yet there are other benefits that the majority of people are not aware of. Becoming eligible for loans is the benefit that the majority of people concentrate on. However, if you find out the other benefits, it might stir you up to achieve a higher credit score.

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10 Reasons Why Dancing Is Good For You

Posted by on October 10, 2008 at 8:14 am

There are so many reasons why dancing is good for you, it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s great fun and good for the body as well as the mind. Besides being a good form of exercise and having a truly positive impact on our health, a recent study actually showed that it also makes us smarter (something to do with remembering the dance steps, thus exercising the brain).

So, why is it good for you to dance? Here are the top 10 reasons:

1) Great way to exercise and stay fit

Dance is a great way to stay in shape. If you don’t like the gym, dancing can bring fun back into the exercise.
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Top Reasons To Not Remain Silent

Posted by on October 4, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Loud people and those who cannot refrain from nagging need not read this article. This is intended for the analytical mind. Those who use the “weighing scale” blindfolded more often than not before voicing out the judgment. This article calls out to all people who mistakenly equates silence to a state of nirvana. Most importantly, this article is intended for those who feel the heat of hell by remaining silent when they should not have zipped their mouths in the first place.

Hereunder are the top reasons why you should not remain silent:

1. TO MAKE THEM REALIZE YOU EXIST – While the air is considered a matter that has weight and occupies space, nothing is more disheartening and discouraging than by letting people in group discussions ignore you as if you don’t matter. Remember, you are more solid and visible than the air. People you care for should not only ‘inhale’ you one second and ‘exhale’ you the next one. You are duty-bound to satisfy the other senses and you can only do that by ending your silence in a positive way and making them realize you exist. It is always satisfying to contribute something good during important and worthwhile discussions.
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Tips For Success As A Part-Time Student

Posted by on October 3, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Many people choose to be part time students because of family needs, financial needs, career requirements, or because they want to sample the college life before jumping in at full pace. Whatever the reason is, there are a few simple tips that will make your continuing education an enjoyable experience.

Know the Campus

One of the hardest feelings to build, as a part time student, is the sense of community. Most students who are familiar with the campus, the various educational departments, and their professors will have a better chance at success.

Before classes start, try to make face-to-face contact with your academic advisor, teachers, and other staff you will be working with. Don’t worry about what you will say, just introduce yourself and let them know you are interested in their class or program. Continue reading "Tips For Success As A Part-Time Student"

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