The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is Yourself

Posted by on May 11, 2009 at 12:42 pm

If there is ever anything in the world that no one can take away from you till the very day when you lie motionless in the coffin, that will be your knowledge that you have gained throughout your entire life time. We often hear from people, especially the media promoting life long learning and rewarding those who consistently upgrade themselves with new skills and knowledge. These people do not stop learning even after their tertiary education has ended. They continue to excel and are ever hungry for more information. These people are very good role models whom we should learn from, and continuing to invest in knowledge to improve ourselves. Why? This is because, knowledge is power. It is the only asset in the world that you can never make a loss from and no Adam & Eve holding the forbidden fruitone can ever rob you of or snatch away from you by any means. The only time when you can lose it will be the very day where you no longer move and breathe, or you made the decision be a benevolent donor to save someone’s life by donating your brain away.

However, there are two common major problems that most people will face and, most will choose to allow either or both problems to affect them and become their biggest obstacles in the pursuit for knowledge. These two problems are lack of financial ability and laziness. In life, if there is one thing that i have learned to understand greatly and you should be doing that too, would be to know that there are some things that money can never buy. Always remember that if you choose to believe in yourself, there will always be a way out somehow. This applies to the financial hurdle and also the intoxicating effects of laziness that your mind pollutes your physical well being regularly, in the course of pursuing knowledge.

A cheap and simple way of breaking the locks of financial issue, would be picking up a book on any topics of interest to you. Even a simple novel can do wonders in improving your language. However there are no easy solutions to combat laziness as it is all in the state of one’s mind. One simple method that i recommend, is to have a motto that you can use it to enforce a daily routine that you will abide by, whereby failure to do so will result in some kind of penalty. Although it is not guaranteed to work, it at least should slowly be able to change the way you think . Once the state of the mind is on the right track, combating laziness would definitely be much easier.

Investing in oneself and continuing to excel is a lifelong process. My advice is to not allow anything to get in your way in your course to pursue knowledge. This will always be your best investment that you will ever make and never regret.

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  1. Matthew James Says:
    May 14th, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Nice one Ben! I couldnt agree more. Btw, what is your motto? 🙂

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