7 Tips on How To Project A Positive And Confident Image

Posted by on October 5, 2009 at 6:47 am

Do you know how people project a positive and confident image? How are they able to create a lasting impression that lasts in our minds? Multiple studies revealed that it takes only a mere blink of the eye to form some kind of impression of a person we have just met. Individuals who believe deep within themselves that the best will always happen to them, are usually successful in life. They have learned to “program” their minds to filter out negative thoughts and continually to listen only to thoughts that are positive. It’s this self confidence that spurs them on despite the numerous circumstances that unfolds before them.

So how do you boost your confidence and become the confident successful person that everyone dream of becoming? Here are 7 tips to get you on the fast track to become more confident and towards success:

Tip #1 – Dress to impress

Imagine yourself going on a date, you would do what ever it takes to impress the party you are trying to hit on right? The very first thing you can do is to dress up for the occasion to impress the other party. Though the advice is to dress to impress, do be careful not to overdress or you will stick out like a sore thumb. Practice common sense and wear clothes that bring out the best in you and not expose your flaws. Dress according to the occasion. The goal is to focus on impressing and not trying to get unnecessary attention which will definitely not work in our favour or give a good impression to the person you are interested in.

smilingmanTip #2 – Maintaining eye contact

The human eye communicates more than any part of the body. Not only does eye contact displays confidence on your part and increase the credibility of the content you are conversing, it also assist you in understanding what the other party is saying to you. Avoid behaving nervous by looking away at the floor or ceiling when talking.

Tip #3 – Be aware of your body language  

Are you slouching while standing? Are you shifting your body weight from side to side or are you fiddling with small items on your body when talking to someone? Conversing with others with a slumped body posture, projects a lazy impression. While shifting your body weight from side to side or fidgeting when talking gives people a feeling of uncertainty and nervousness which normally reflects that you have low level of confidence. Instead, you should be squaring your shoulders, standing tall and planting your foot on the ground when you are conversing. This will project your confidence and belief in what you are saying.  

Tip #4 – Speak clearly

When speaking, use a steady voice neither shouting nor mumbling as you do not want to appear to be offending, and yet you also do not want the other party to lean so close to you to catch what you are saying simply because you seems to be talking to air. 

Tip #5 – Train your mind to be optimistic

To develop your self confidence, train your mind to tell yourself to believe in what you can do. You can begin by spending time to engage in positive self-talk to continually remind yourself of your abilities and talents. Begin daily and say to yourself that you are a unique individual valuable to others, able to achieve anything as long you want to. Speak positively and make positive statements to yourself at the beginning of the day after a night’s sleep and at the end of each day before bed. Refuse to listen to that “little voice” whenever doubt surfaces in your thoughts. As and when that happens, tell yourself exactly the opposite. Only listen to what’s positive and reject what’s negative. 

Tip #6 – Learn to think success

Think of past successes and achievements. Continue to remind yourself of them and indulge in those wonderful feelings that come with them. Feel the excitement and thrill of winning in victory. Regular recap of these past, will definitely make your confidence grow.

Tip #7 – Plan and prepare for an event

Planning and preparation for an event prepares you mentally and physically before the actual event. This provides sufficient time to organize your thoughts as well as having ample rest before hand. When you are well prepared, you exude confidence.

In general, making improvements in your closet and habits will take time. “Mind programming” will definitely take more time to achieve as compared to personal grooming. If you believe in yourself, your confidence can be felt by the positive energy that you emit unknowingly. It can be heard and seen by your communication and body language. This kind of positive energy can in turn change the environment around you and attract others who are like you. Challenges, hurdles in life are easier to overcome as a result of this continual flow of positive energy.

3 Responses to “7 Tips on How To Project A Positive And Confident Image”

  1. bbrian017 Says:
    October 5th, 2009 at 11:14 am

    You know when I went to my first job interview after college I was the only person that was wearing a suit and tie. I think because I played the part and dressed the part I got the job. Everyone else looked unprofessional as I clearly set the standards.

    I like how you mentioned dress for success. I even believe the dress for success saying can help with self enthusiasm.

    These are all great ways to make yourself noticeable and for people to remember you.

  2. Ben Ang Says:
    October 5th, 2009 at 11:23 am

    Hello Brian, thanks for dropping by 🙂 Well i am like you when i last went for my job interview. I will never forget the how i got the job.
    Dressing well does help because it shows that you take the job seriously. Everything you do before hand will tell the employer whether you are serious or someone who takes things lightly.
    I am glad that you like the article. There are more to come as i am writing for the 100 article challenge for ezinearticles.com.

  3. la toya jeffrey Says:
    April 5th, 2010 at 9:39 am

    HiBben i just want to thank u for those wondreful tips.Ii work at a hospital as a Medical Records Clerk n even though i try to dress professional many say i tend to over dress or look to sexy.this makes it a pain to buy work clothes since i get criticized by the older folks n complimented by the younger guys there.Many call me Willomina from ugly betty and Elsia styles n i dont know if its a compliment or an insult, since all they forcus on is my hairstyles n outfits when all i want them to do is take time to notice my hard work. do u have n tips on how i can go about doing that? thanks a million!!

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