How To Discover Joy In Being Active

Posted by on September 8, 2008 at 12:44 pm

How do you discover the joy in being active? Well you can find joy in exercise in many different forms. First of all you have to want to get active. If you don’t have a want to get active then you won’t enjoy it. There are several keys to enjoying your active lifestyle. The first step is deciding what it is you like to do. Do you enjoy walking? Do you enjoy running or do you enjoy being part of a group and doing aerobics? There are lots of options out there for you. The first step is figuring out what you enjoy doing most. Pick something that you will be able to stick with and that you think you won’t get bored with. Some people do many diffrent kinds of things because they get bored easily but be sure to pick something that you can find yourself doing for a long time. Now not everyone will be able to do everything. The key here is to pick something that you will be able to stick with and have fun doing. Some people enjoy walking because it’s easy on the knees and you can walk with a friend or alone. Same with most of these other forms of exercise. Starting at point one what is it you like to do? Or do you want to try new things? Some people find joy in trying new things so they will be more interested in doing a combination of different forms of exercise. It’s also a great way cross train and keep your body in great shape but whatever you choose you’ll be burning calories at. Don’t think of it as burning calories necessarily but as just walking out your front door and doing any one of these forms of exercise. Discovering joy in being active also means that you have to enjoy your enviroment. For instance if you like gyms you have to also like to be in that kind of an enviroment. Some people may like walking outside only. You have to find the place and time that works best for you and just have fun with this. You can’t go into this active lifestyle thinking negative thoughts or you will find that you are very miserable with being active and you’ll soon tire and find yourself not being active at all. What did we learn from all this? Well we learned several things. For starters we learned that you have to pick the kind of activity that you enjoy doing most. Then you have to pick the kind of environment you enjoy doing that activity in. Lastly you have to make it fun by adding music, drinking plenty of fluids and putting a smile on as you are doing it! Make it fun for you and you’ll enjoy a long time of enjoyment out of whatever activity you decide to choose.

by Heidi Hauptly

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