How To Tell If Your Puppy Has Worms

Posted by on September 25, 2008 at 3:50 am

Most pups have worms, and there are a number of ways they get them. They can get them from the mother, from eating rodents, from fleas, from mosquitos (heartworm) and from other animals. Some worms cause pups (and other animals with worms)to have a “pot belly” appearance, however some worms, like tapeworm, causes them to appear skinny. Pups may cough up worms and you may see them in their poop.

A few other indicators of worms may be pale mucus membranes like the soft moist normally pink skin around the eye and the gums may look very pale pink or even white in severe cases. Eyes may appear droopy too. In some cases your pup may act tired. This is because when there are so many worms they cause the pup to become anemic meaning there isn’t enough blood because some worms feed on blood. Your pup may actually eat more food with worms such as tapeworm and never gain any weight. As far as Heartworms you may notice your dog lacks energy or coughs after exercise, this is because the worms are literally in the heart and it is hard on the heart to pump blood with them in there. Fecal tests only work to detect intestinal worms and sometimes don’t show the ova (worm eggs) because they may not be constantly shedding them. For heartworm you must either have a vet do a filter test or a “snap” test, and will require a blood sample.You’ll want to get your pup checked for worms and once that is through and a heartworm check has been done you can start your pup on something like Heartgaurd plus which deworms for a few types of worm and makes sure your pup doesn’t get heartworm. Heartworm is less common in pups and takes weeks to actually show up on a test. So talk to your vet and get your pup checked out so he can be as healthy as he can be.

by Jerica Collins

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