Me 2009 At Changi AirportHi,I am Ben Ang, 27 years old and I have been and am still continuing on my journey to fulfill the dream of leading an extraordinary life. I know that I will not be satisfied with a routine boring life, doing what everybody else is doing. I believe that we only live once and that we should make the most out of life while we are still mentally, as well as physically fit enough to pursue our dreams. I know for sure that if I  do not do so, I will live my life in regret. I cannot imagine myself at my deathbed and regretting all the things that i did not do or hesitated to do. All the possibilities of a better and more fulfilling life that could have been mine if I had been courageous enough to take the necessary risks in the pursuit of my dreams and ambitions.  That deep regret would definitely be devastating. I would say that I have a self motivating personality and I believe that its all in the mind. Its all up to the individual’s strength of mind to decide what can be or cannot be done. A strong mind and will power will definitely push an individual to greater heights and past limits he never knew he was capable of achieving. On the contrary, a person with weak willpower will set barriers for himself before he even think of exploring the options. That is a sure way to fail without even starting out. That is definitely not what I believe in and definitely not what i am made of.

I strongly believe that as long as an individual sets his mind on doing or accomplishing something, he will have to go ahead with it, against all obstacles and against all unfounded fears. I believe that risks come with all decisions and that they are inevitable in the journey to success. It will, however, will be worth it in the end. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. With a strong mindset to make things work no matter what happens, an individual has to keep focusing on the desired goal and objective and reminding himself that all the obstacles are in the short run and what he really wants to achieve is in the long run. He will not allow for temporary insignificant things to stand in the way of long term achievement and satisfaction.

Adopting a ‘do or die’ attitude is absolutely necessary in the journey to achieve success and an extraordinary life. To know that I can still have other alternatives, which are not what I desire, will cause me to falter in the path taken to achieve what I really want out of life. This is because there will be times when i doubt my decision to take this path, especially when there is lack of support by family and friends and when there are setbacks. It is only human to question myself if this is really the path I want to take and sometimes sheer willpower may not be enough to tide us through the hard times. So, not having a second choice or an alternative will make sure I follow through with my decision until my desired result has been achieved.

I have learnt that in life, nothing is constant. The only thing that is constant is change. We have to keep adapting to the environment to survive as the environment will not change to cater our needs. We have to change to adapt to the ever changing society and its needs in order to survive. We either move forward or backwards. There is no such thing as a standstill in life. If we do not keep up we will definitely falter and very soon we will be behind everyone and we will be seen as redundant.


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