Success – Is It Luck Or Attitude?

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“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein
It works in business and it works in life.

DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR? I can’t do it – It will never happen – Why does this always happen to me. – Yes, crap happens, but does it have to.

QUOTES AND MOTIVATION: The above is a great motivation quote by Albert Einstein. The key here is “lies opportunity.” Have you ever heard someone say, “go where there is no path and leave a trail”? Quotes are wonderful and an inspiration, but if one thinks that’s all they are, there in lies the proverbial “loss of opportunity.” Quotes were punned because the experiences behind them have proved successful. Quotes continue to be used as a tool of inspiration and motivational support. Not to mention, the overall flavor to stimulate and induce some great writing.

LUCK: is said to be “failure turned inside out.” It’s part of success, brought about by a positive and enduring attitude. It is deceiving, because luck makes it appear that success came about through what we deem to be “sheer luck, it just happened.” Actually, it’s the reverse. We create our luck and our destiny by how we think, and then the actions we take. You can change yourself and your life for the better, by changing your thought process. The sub-conscious of the brain will then help you to do that.

THE BRAIN: stores in its sub-conscious everything we see, do and hear … ready to be accessed. Though no one has been able to say fully how this area in the brain works, it certainly does. Sometimes to our detriment and emotional well being by channeling negative thoughts from what we think about. … I’ve experienced this myself over and over again. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to use the other 90% of the brain.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS ENERGY OF THE BRAIN: has the ability to bring about positive changes and long-term benefits into your life based on your everyday attitude. – If you are negative in your daily thoughts, you will be exacting the negative into it, full of woes, trial and tribulation never resolved. – You will remain on a downward cycle until you can change your way of thinking, and your personal approach to what a winning attitude is.

WHEN SUCCESS APPEARS: So long as we don’t let our life setting goals get us down or cause us to abandon belief in ourselves, and our dreams, … that thing call “magic” or luck happens. Even when you think you’re not sure what steps to take, keep positive and do something. You can always redirect or start over. Before you know it – luck appears in the form of success when it should, and in most cases proves to be better than what we may have originally hoped for.

THINK ABOUT IT: A door of opportunity is opened – information to enhance your business arrives and you didn’t ask for it – unexpected gains keep happening. It is liken to the adage “Money Attracts Money.” Once it occurs and the ball starts rolling, all the positive like a magnet continue to attract more positives so long as the thinking processes remain optimistic.

IT WILL COME WHEN IT SHOULD: What ever you need comes into being at the right appointed time. Imagine it, and the brain will conceive it causing the right conditions to appear to accomplish your goals – improve on ideas and provide other alternatives to setbacks assuring success if you just don’t give up. GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT.

SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE: It’s all in the brain and mental attitude. It will eventually give gut-wrenching strengths to create, develop, learn, grow and weather-the-storms when it all hits-the-fan. – You have to keep working at it! It gets easier with each little success. Along the way throw “serious” out the window when you need to so you can breath, regroup and go on. Walk away for a moment, do something silly or whatever brings you peace and then on your own timetable go on.

DON’T LET LIFE DUMP ON YOU: Conditioning a new mental outlook for external growth and positive changes is not easy. – Life is not easy. We are made to toil and labor – though some of us toil and labor a little less. Will you let “life” dump on you? – That’s when life “sucks.” Or, will you start the mental process and disciplines of thinking positive. TRY IT…KICK A LITTLE BUTT, I ASSURE YOU, – YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

IF IT’S IMPOSSIBLE OR NOT DOABLE, DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU: Break it down into smaller manageable portions. Imagine your desires and goals as a mental picture. See yourself already as successful accomplishing and making things happen. Visually see yourself living the lifestyle you want, possessing your desires. Learn to feel comfortable with them as if they really exist. Then continue on with your quest to change the imaginary into the actual. I DO THIS ALL THE TIME.

THIS WRITER BELIEVES THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CAN’T: No such thing as failure – mistakes and learning curves, heavens yes. They are the corrective opportunities that allow us to find answers, alternatives and a better and often easier way to get from A – Z. SO, DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY.

WHY EVEN CONTINUE TO TRY: I have had days when I’ve thought, why am I putting myself through this? Why, Why, Why! – “It’s life happening.” Things go wrong – so what. Don’t let it get you down. Train yourself to deal with it. To accept the challenge, get through it and don’t let it throw you. Most of all – don’t dwell on it – don’t beat yourself up. TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY.

GET RID OF THE FEAR: Train your thoughts to think positively. In affect you are

learning to take that fear out of the equation when you embrace the unknown. Get help, do research, study, ask questions, talk to people and then take a chance. KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING ERASES THE FEAR.

RISKING: Success at anything requires a certain amount of risk and chance taking -that’s just the way it is. Most importantly: – “you and you alone are the determining factor as to what success is and what you are willing to settle for and live with.” INFORM YOURSELF.

NOT EVERYONE WANTS TO BE DONALD TRUMP: Though many of us wouldn’t mind having his wealth. Perhaps you would like to be a little Trump, a syndicated columnist, an artist – a great parent. Whatever it may be, that so called luck, and success is the next most important factor to faith, keeping us believing long enough in ourselves and our abilities for success to happen.

START TODAY: Take “no I can’t” out of your vocabulary. Replace it with the positive “I can,” – just like The Little Red Engine That Could – I can, I can, I can – “And then go for it”

by Jane Doe Chronicles

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